Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop-off and Pick-up Locations

Zone 1 (Pine St.):  3rd-5th grades

Zone 2 (Pavilion):  K3, K4, Fahey’s K5, 2nd grade

Zone 3 (Front Small Loop): Tucker’s and Foreman’s K5s and 1st grade

Zone 5 (High School Entrance):  6th-12th grades

Drop-off Times

Morning Care (Rm 36)      7:00-7:30 AM

K3-5th Grades:                     7:30-7:45 AM

6th-12th Grades:                   7:40-7:55 AM

Pick-up Times

K3-K4:                                    Noon

K5-2nd Grades:                     2:30 PM

3rd-5th Grades:                     2:45 PM

6th-12th Grades:                   3:00 PM

Extended Care:                   Afternoon until 6:00 PM

*Parents should come to the Welcome Center to pick up students from extended care before 3 PM.  They should go to the café to pick up students after 3 PM.

*Parents and Guardians, please do not arrive early to get in car lines for drop off or pick up as it causes traffic to get backed up.  If you arrive early, please park in a designated space.  Thanks!