Lower School Academics

Our Lower School Curriculum

The curriculum of St. John's Christian Academy will provide a continuous path of study preparing students for success in a four-year college or university. In addition, our curriculum integrates Biblical instruction and a Christian worldview in all subject areas.

(Grades K3-K4)

The goals of our pre-school curriculum include the following: Christian character education; language development; phonological awareness: rhyming, clapping, syllables, and alliteration; recognition of letters and beginning sounds; recognition of long and short vowel sounds; color, shape, and number recognition (1-20); counting; sequencing, predicting, and graphing; problem solving; social and emotional development.  Students in K3 participate in weekly physical education classes, chapel and receive daily Bible instruction.  In K4, students attend weekly chapel services that include participatory praise and worship through music and Bible-based messages.  In addition to participating in physical education, K4 students attend weekly music and library classes.

Elementary School
(K5-5th grade)

Our elementary curriculum is designed to give students a necessary foundation for the college preparatory curriculum used in the Upper grades. In addition to reading, English, math, science, and social studies, our students are given instruction in elementary music, art, and physical education. In addition, students in grades 3-5 receive instruction in computer literacy. Students participate in daily Bible lessons and weekly chapel services that include participatory praise and worship through music as well as relevant Bible-based messages.

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