Dr. Eric Denton


Cathy Ollic

Upper School Administrator

Melanie Ferguson

Lower School Administrator

Dr. Robbie Foreman

Dean of Students/Marketing Director

Kevin Brown

Athletic Director

Jordan Orvin

Assistant to the Athletic Director

Tiffany Kranz

Business Administrator

Chelsea Colyar

Administrative Assistant

Kristi Coker

Upper School Administrative Assistant

La'Shana Barr

Guidance Counselor

Anthony Grillo

School Resource Officer


Melissa Gentry


Patience Mizzell

K-3 Teacher

Tania Fain

K-3 Assistant

Christal Schindledecker

K-3 Teacher

Ashton Sanford


Robin Perry

K-4 Teacher

Talley Propst

K-4 Teacher

LaraBeth Tucker

K-4 Assistant

Jessica Tallon

K-4 Assistant

Alicia Tucker

K-5 Teacher

Allison Foreman

K-5 Teacher

K-5 Teacher

Bethany Hastings

K-5 Assistant

Brandi McCants

K-5 Assistant

Karen Orvin

1st Grade

Michelle Smoak

1st Grade

Kerstin Gregory

2nd Grade

Meghan Schweitzer

2nd Grade

Lori Lindberg

3rd Grade

RaeBeth Poston

3rd Grade

Annette Parris

4th Grade

Kim Hoffer

4th Grade

Traci Butler

5th Grade

Sarah Shelley

5th Grade

Tyler Davis

Upper School Bible/PE/Science

Andrew Butler

Upper School Bible/English/Social Studies

Dr. Nick McCoy

Upper School Science

Carson Shepherd

Upper School Math/Science

Melanie Wingard

Upper School Math

Sean Sinclair

Upper School Science/Math

Hannah Hanks

Upper School Science/English

Tracie Flowers

Upper School Science

Dr. Lori Jones

Upper School English

Angeline Brock

Upper School Bible

Viviana Rubero

Upper School History/Bible

Gleenan Reeves

Upper School History/Government

Frances Watson

Upper School Spanish

Brenda Barrington

Upper School Math

Wilhemina Otero


Kelsey Villeponteaux

Art Teacher

Shannon Rusch

Music/Sign Language

Tony Stephens

Worship Director

Shannon Dampf

Upper School Computer/Yearbook

Sam Denton

Lower School PE

Amy Reichley

Extended Care

Lori Pearson

Cafe Director

Nicole Zitnik

Full-Time Substitute

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