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The admissions process is about finding the best fit for your child (and family). As parents, you are seeking a learning environment where your child can thrive and grow and where the mission and philosophy of the school match your educational goals and family values. Our Admissions team has the same goal for your family. We invite you to visit St. John’s Christian Academy to learn more about our unique approach to Christian education.


    The first step of the admissions process is to schedule a visit to our campus. We'll take you around on a personal tour and our admissions team will answer questions that you may have. For specific questions, you are welcome to email our admissions team at


    At St. John’s Christian Academy, we offer a college-preparatory curriculum. To apply for admission, students must maintain good academic (2.5 GPA) and disciplinary standing in their current schools and provide transfer documentation with their application. New students, if accepted, will initially be on a provisional basis, subject to confirmation of their academic and behavioral records.

    To apply to St. John’s Christian Academy, start with a formal application and a non-refundable fee. We'll then schedule a placement test, review transcripts, and conduct a personal interview to determine admission and placement. The Board of Directors makes the final call on admissions, and the Headmaster oversees the process.

    We practice open enrollment, meaning we welcome students of all races, religions, and national origins. New admissions are accepted on a nine-week probationary period.


    Step-by-Step Re-Enrollment Instructions for Returning Students:

    1. Visit the FACTS Family Portal: Go to the Family Log In and access FACTS Family Portal.

    2. Enter District Code: Use the District Code "STJ-SC" when prompted.

    3. Ensure You Have a Username and Password: If you don't have a username and password, contact the business office at or call (843) 761-8539 to obtain them.

    4. Access Re-Enrollment: Inside the portal, click on the "Apply / Enroll" tab, and then select "Re-enrollment" to begin the process.

    5. Complete the Re-Enrollment Process: Follow the prompts to complete the re-enrollment process. Make sure to provide all necessary information and updates.

    6. Payment: Re-enrollment is considered complete once the payment is posted. Please note the following processing fees:

    - Checking or Savings Account: No Fee

    - Credit Card: Up to 2.95%

    - Debit Card: Up to 2.95%

    By following these steps, you can successfully re-enroll your returning student at St. John’s Christian Academy. Welcome back, Cavs! 📚🎉


    Parents, please review SJCA's financial policy regarding tuition at the link below.


    Click the link to view SJCA's 2024-2025 tuition schedule.